Our Complete Menu – Lalo’s Mexican Food

  • Beverages only $3.49

    Soda / Lemonade / Tea / Coffee

    Beverages only $3.99

    Horchata / Jamaica / Milk / Apple or Orange Juice / Strawberry Lemonade

    Beer - Always on Tap only $6.95

    Negra Modelo / Enegren Rotation / Dos XX Lager / Firestone 805 / Modelo / Coors Light / Corona

    Beer - Bottles only $5.95

    Pacifico / Budweiser / Bud Light / Corona / Corona Light / Dos XX

    Wine - La Terre Wines only $5.95

    Merlot, or White Zinfandel Bottle: $21.95

    Wine - Meridian Vinyards only $5.95

    Pinot Grigio Bottle: $21.95

    Margaritas - Lalo's Tradition only $9.95

    Our signature is made with Sauza Giro Tequila, Gaetano Triple Sec, and house-made margarita mix. Served on the rocks with a lime wedge. Grande add $3.95

    Margaritas - Moorpark Cadillac only $10.95

    Sauza Hornitos Reposado, Gaetano Triple Sec, house-made margarita mix, and lime. Served with a sidecar of Grand Marnier.

  • Margaritas- The Skinny Bonita only $10.49

    Avion Silver, Lefty's Agave Nectar, and fresh lime. Grande add $3.95

    Citrus Breeze only $10.95

    Our favorite martini is made with Grey Goose Vodka, fresh limes, fresh lemons, Lefty's Agave Nectar and a splash of Sprite.

    Salted Fresca only $9.95

    Absolut Vodka, fresh limes, and crushed watermelon. Served with a salted rim.

    El Pepino only $9.95

    Absolut Vodka, crushed cucumbers, fresh lemonade and limes.

    House of Friends only $10.95

    Casamigos Reposado, fresh oranges and limes shaken with Lefty's Agave Nectar.

    Muy Caliente! only $10.95

    Avion Silver, muddled jalapeno, house-made mix, and fresh lime.

    Wine - Chardonnay only $21.95

    Bottle - Chardonnay, Domino (California)

    Wine - Cabernet Sauv. only $21.95

    Bottle - Cabernet Sauv., Domoni (California)

  • El Pepino only $9.95

    Absolut Vodka, crushed cucumbers, fresh lemonade and limes.

    Apple Smash only $9.95

    Jim Beam Apple, apple and cranberry juices with fresh limes.